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Masks of the Commedia dell arte  can be hard to find but we have a fine collection of hand crafted in commedia dell arte masks from  Venice. Derived from the Italian improvisational theater, these commedia dell'arte masks are traditionally designed around all the favorite characters, pulcinella, el capitano and el dattore to name but a few. Masks of the commedia dell arte are perfect for performing arts and have been used by many theater groups and schools throughout the country. For those who want a masked ball mask that is both traditional and eye catching then a commedia masks is perfect for you.

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Around the 1530's Commedia dell' arte was first created, it was the world’s first improvisational theater and it permitted women to act on stage for the first time in Europe.Commedia dell' arte (Italian theatrical comedy) had very political undertones to its story lines, it brought all classes together being a theater for the masses.Commedia Dell' Arte is a complex art from that brings elements of dance, drama, music, poetry, circus skills and of course masks all together.  These plays are extreemly demanding for the actor there is no script, merely scenarios leaving it up to them to draw upon the character and the audience’s assets and weaknesses to create a play that often unfolds at a furious pace, in a very fluid manner. This means that no two plays are ever the same making it a delight for the audience to watch.

  There are various stock characters that appear in every play, each has its own unique characteristics, costume and mask which make them easily recognizable to the audience.

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