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History of the masquerade mask and masquerade balls

Masquerade balls where first recorded in Venice during the 15th century, they were held for the élite classes. The masked ball was the highlight of fashionable society, they wore elaborate costumes along with a masquerade mask to hide your identity. At midnight the masks were removed and your true identity was revealed.

The Masquerade ball became fshionable throughout mainland Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The first semi public  masquerade ball was held in  London in the eighteenth century,  at Haymarket Opera House hosted by a swiss count. Throughout the century these  masquerade balls and the wearing of masquerade masks,  became increasingly popular, throughout England and  Colonial America.

As these masquerade balls grew so did an anti-masquerade movement which believed that the events and the wearing of masquerade masks encouraged both immorality and foreign influence.

masquerade ball

Today we are once more seeing  the rise in poularity of the masquerade ball and the wearing of masquerade masks.

 Masquerade masks are appearing everywhere, on the catwalk, in pop videos and in films. Our fascination with the masquerade mask  appears to be here to stay, after decades of obscurity.