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After 12 years of trading,  sadly I am closing  the masquerade mask shop  due to health issues.

 All stock must go. 40% discount off everything

  Why choose the Masquerade Masks Shop?

The Masquerade Mask Shop, offers a huge range of over six hundred styles of masked ball masks. Our stunning masks come in a wide range of colours and styles suitable for all budgets. Over the decade we have been in the mask business we have gained a vast knowledge about our masquerade ball masks their history and manufacture. 

Our stunning masks come in a wide range of colours and styles suitable for all budgets. We are passionate about and very knowledgeable about our masquerade ball masks, their history, how they are  made and which masks are suitable for various masked occasions.

We have spent  years creating fantastic relationships with mask makers all over the world to bring, what we believe, is the largest and most varied mask collection in the world. Masks bring a touch of glamour and mystery to our modern lives. The wearing of mask masks transports us back to a time of romance and elegance; they bring a touch of magic to our lives.

  Authentic Venetian Masks

Masks have been worn, in Venice, as far back as the thirteenth century. Venetian masks became an intricate part of society, with all social classes wearing masks daily for most of the year. 

Our authentic Venetian masks have been crafted by master mask makers in the heart of Venice, no two are identical, each mask is hand-made . Every Venetian mask is unique and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

 There are many styles of Venetian masks available from simple colombina eye masks, to long-nosed masks, Bauta masks, venetian masks with feathers, Moretta masks, and a great range of Commedia masks. Our Venetian masks are available in paper mache, leather, metal and modern lightweight resins.

Fashionable and trendy masquerade masks

 perfect for a masked ball If you prefer to have a fashionable masquerade mask then please look at our masquerade masks section. 

Most of the masks in this category were designed and decorated by our in-house design team who keep a close eye on fashion trends to make sure that your masquerade ball mask is at the cutting edge of mask fashions. 

Customers that want to stand out from the crowd and are fed up of seeing all the same masquerade masks on each and every website, may be interested in our designer range of masks.

These masks are designed and crafted by our in-house design team and will not be found else where. Each design is unique to the Masquerade Masks Shop so you can feel confident knowing you are wearing a mask that is not mass produced.